Gameweek 30 (2015/2016)

Hello noobs. It’s been a while.

We decided this week is great timing for some NOob-adVICE. Just look at what is being lined up:

12 Mar 20:45 Norwich Norwich vs Man City Man City
12 Mar 23:00 Bournemouth Bournemouth vs Swansea Swansea
12 Mar 23:00 Stoke Stoke vs Southampton Southampton
14 Mar 00:00 Aston Villa Aston Villa vs Spurs Spurs
14 Mar 04:00 Leicester Leicester vs Newcastle Newcastle

Unfortunately, all your reliable Ozils, Lukakus, Bellerins and Ighaloes will not give you any points this week.

If you planned for this week in advance and have a fighting fit line up on Saturday, congratulations! This is probably the week you leapfrog those folks you have been chasing and keeping pace with.

If you didn’t do prior planning and have half your team without fixtures…


Probably more than half the world are in the same situation as you. Don’t worry excessively. Don’t go into the week thinking you need to have a full 11 playing players on the pitch – that is not what this game is about. Don’t make more transfers than you need. Reminder: every additional transfer from your FT will cost you -4 points (so if you change 5 players and have 1 FT, you start the week 20 points down on your league table).

Rule of thumb: every new player you bring in should at least bring you 4 points immediately, otherwise don’t make the transfer.

Frankly, why didn’t they should just call it a HGW – Half Gameweek (opposite of what is a Double Gameweek)…

All the best folks. Happy noobing!


Gameweek 20 Preview (2015/2016)

FPL4Noobs GW20.001

A new year, a new beginning.

We certainly hope it begins this way for you as, we welcome the first game week of 2016. Here’s our delightful selection to the start to the 2nd half of the FPL season.

Happy noobing!

Game Week 18 (2015/16)


Boxing day is here, which means all 20 teams play on the same night. Make sure your team is well stacked, and has enough depth to weather out the festive season – the next game weeks is barely 3 days later! So don’t miss today’s deadline, and see our (longer) article below for more tips on dealing with the winter schedule.

For now, use our transfer guide to help with your decisions before tonight, and maybe christmas will come late this time!

Captain Suggestions: Lukaku, Kane, Mahrez

The FPL Christmas Period

Hello noobs! First and foremost…

merry christmas

Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately, in the FPL world, Christmas can be a little less joyous and a time for real concern. Especially more so if you are fighting to stay Number 1, this can be a less enjoyable period for you. So, what’s up with this?

3 Games in 9 Days

Because the footballing gods in England decree that all Englishmen shall watch soccer as a post-feasting activity as well as cheer, sing and jump their winter fats off, all teams will have to play on Boxing Day.

you didn't really expect that boxing day was about people fighting, did you?

You didn’t really expect that boxing day was about fighting other people, did you?

You know, you don’t have to really go google Boxing Day, it’s ok. Anyway, all but 4 teams play their second game 2 days later. That’s 180+ minutes of footballing action in <52.5 hours. Quite madness. Which brings us to another point…

Not Double Gameweeks

Yep, we said it here first. The next 3 games are not Double Gameweeks (DGWs)! What does this mean for me?

Firstly, it means that any chip that you play will not be effective in more than that gameweek you play it in. So even though Stoke visits Man Utd on Boxing Day and less than 48 hours later hosts Everton, your triple captain chip on Arnautovic will only be valid for the Man Utd game, and not anymore.

Secondly, well, it just means YOU, like any paid football player, have to play 3 times in 9 games!

You deserve it. We all do.

You deserve it. We all do.

Just remember, log in, make your transfer, pick your team, pick your captain and confirm before the following times:

26 Dec 7:45 pm
28 Dec 10:00 pm
2 Jan 7:45 pm

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

We have covered this before here, but more than that, we are sure you guys experienced it recently first-hand in GW16, when both Kolarov and De Bruyne were rotated. These are the players whom we think may potentially take turns to line up for their teams:

Walcott – Chamberlain – Campbell (Arsenal)
Willian – Pedro – Oscar – Hazard (Chelsea)
Kone – Mirallas – Deulofeu (Everton)
Okazaki – Ulloa (Leicester)
Firminho – Lallana – Ibe (Liverpool)
Can – Lucas – Henderson (Liverpool)
Kolarov – Clichy (Man City)
Sagna – Zabaleta (Man City)
Fernando – Fernandinho – Delph (Man City)
Sterling – De Bruyne – Navas (Man City)
Tadic – Ward-Prowse (Southampton)
Pelle – Long (Southampton)
Alli – Mason (Spurs)
Chadli – Son (Spurs)

Just saying…you might want to think twice about bringing in these players.

That’s all folks! Happy holidays!

Game Week 16 (2015/16)

Winter is coming. December is here. With a jam-packed fixture list, and multiple game weeks within the span of a couple weeks, this is the period that separates the pretenders from the real contenders.

Will you be a Leicester or Chelsea? Does your bench have what it takes to survive an intense month of injuries and rotations?

Use our transfer guide to help with your decisions before tonight’s deadline, for the night is dark, and full or errors.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.39.54 PM

Captain Suggestions: Kane, Barkley, Ighalo

Game Week 13 (2015/16)

Hello noobs! Everyone must be glad to be back from the international break! Most players came back relatively unscathed, though the same can’t be said of their managers 😦

As usual, here’s our weekly recommendations:


May the fantasy odds be ever in your favour…



What is a Differential?

Hello noobs!! It has been a relatively low scoring week except for a small number of noobs who still have Harry ‘one-season-wonder’ Kane in their ranks. Also, there were quite a number of unexpected results, like Leicester and Sunderland getting their first clean sheets of the season and the Manchester derby ending up goalless (zzz all the Martials and De Bruynes). To put things into perspective how the latter was a surprise, consider that more than 1/3 of our 38-team league benched either a City or Utd defender. And that’s not even counting those who transferred out City or Utd defenders!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a bragging post. Even if it does really seem like it, especially considering the ever uncannily coincidental timing.


Nope, definitely unintentional

What is a differential?

A differential is a captain that has the potential to make a key difference for your team relative to other teams. He is the player that teams around you are benching or dumping, because he is having a poor season, because he is getting 2-pointer weeks in a row, because he is injured and barely coming back, or because he is simply too expensive for most teams to want to gamble on.

Another way to think of it: A differential is the complete opposite of a bandwagon player.

Yes, you are getting the point – to get a differential, you need to be different, different from teams in your local leagues, and different from every other team in the FPL ecosystem (you can check the % of teams that own a particular player by clicking on the ‘i’ icon below the player). When your captain performs, the differential advantage lets you leapfrog your closest neighbours and make up ground on the top teams. Watch your global ranking rise as well!


How do I find a differential?

An Offensive Player

The first thing to note when you choose a differential is to always, always pick an offensive player or an attacker. As we have explained here and here, attackers are more likely to rack up points when / if they perform. I mean seriously, do you really expect your defenders to consistently prevent their opposition from scoring, week in week out? That is just too unrealistic.

If you are still unconvinced, here’s one statistic: In the past 10 GWs, there was only ONE time a defender finished as top point scorer for the week, and it was a lowly 15 points.

The Out-of-Form Class Player

Form is temporary. Class is permanent. And Patience is virtue few FPL managers have.

wise man

…says the bearded wise (old) man

Any idea why Aguero and Sanchez were priced initially at £13.0 and £11.0 respectively, while Kane began this season at £9.5 having started the last almost half price at £5.0? They (and their owners) were all beneficiaries of their abilities to bring in goals and points consistently and generously. More than being perpetual point-getters, they are at their most fundamental, terribly brilliant footballers. Look across the top brackets of the various positions (GK, DEF, MID & FWD) and you will notice that this trend is almost constant. Quality, classy players will eventually come good.

A Good Player with An Excellent Fixture

Sometimes, the best players in the game are already bandwagon players. Everyone has them or are bringing them in. 3/4 of the teams are going to captain them. What do you do? Finish reading this post, if by then you still decide that you really want a differential, here is one possible way.

GW 9 gave us an insight of exactly how this works. With Bournemouth and Norwich rolling into town visiting Man City and Newcastle respectively, it represented an opportunity to bank on an exceptional offensive occasion. The rest, as they said, is history. Raheem Sterling and Georginio Wijnaldum ran riot, chalking up 19- and 25-point week. 

Bear in mind that the heights of GW 9 are an exception rather than the norm. While there were some outstanding performances, there was only ONE time in the entire previous season the 25-point mark was achieved. Comparatively, with merely 10 GWs played, the record have already been reached twice.


Will this fallen hero be the next one to rise?

Should I captain a differential?

If there is just one thing you are going to take away from reading this lengthy, long-winded and nonsensical-sounding post, it is this:

When you captain a differential, you are going Y-O-L-O

What do we mean? When we go for a differential, we are essentially trying our utmost to be different. We want to be different! We want to gamble! We want to take risk! We want to have a shot at that elusive lottery… And most of the time, we miss, we fail, we fall flat on our faces.

We can’t tell you exactly when you should be different, but here are some suggestions:

  1. You are stuck in mid- or bottom-table anguish and need something to arrest your slide.
  2. You are a few places away from top place and you could do with an extra boost.
  3. Such a player is already in your team, or in your plans.
  4. The GW does not have an obvious choice of captaincy, e.g. Aguero against Norwich

Here are some suggestions when you probably do not want a differential:

  1. You are sitting on top of your league – play safe.
  2. You need to take a hit to bring in the differential – taking a hit + taking a gamble = 2 much risk.
  3. The GW has an obvious choice of captaincy – this is disputable, either (a) you can pray that the obvious choice flops and your differential shines, or (b) the obvious choice performs and you are left with a mountain to climb.

Anyhow, just know that when you captain a differential, you are taking a risk. You may have your reasons: you have done your homework and you “know” this is his week; or your secret source on Reddit is recommend(a)ing him; or you dreamt of him scoring freely. Eventually there is a huge degree of luck (or mere dumb perseverance) involved to pull off a differential captain successfully. Yes, it is rewarding, it is thrilling. But don’t go expecting to pull it off every other GW.

torres bury head in hands

Not every out-of-form class player will return to his glory days

That’s all folks!