Gameweek 30 (2015/2016)

Hello noobs. It’s been a while.

We decided this week is great timing for some NOob-adVICE. Just look at what is being lined up:

12 Mar 20:45 Norwich Norwich vs Man City Man City
12 Mar 23:00 Bournemouth Bournemouth vs Swansea Swansea
12 Mar 23:00 Stoke Stoke vs Southampton Southampton
14 Mar 00:00 Aston Villa Aston Villa vs Spurs Spurs
14 Mar 04:00 Leicester Leicester vs Newcastle Newcastle

Unfortunately, all your reliable Ozils, Lukakus, Bellerins and Ighaloes will not give you any points this week.

If you planned for this week in advance and have a fighting fit line up on Saturday, congratulations! This is probably the week you leapfrog those folks you have been chasing and keeping pace with.

If you didn’t do prior planning and have half your team without fixtures…


Probably more than half the world are in the same situation as you. Don’t worry excessively. Don’t go into the week thinking you need to have a full 11 playing players on the pitch – that is not what this game is about. Don’t make more transfers than you need. Reminder: every additional transfer from your FT will cost you -4 points (so if you change 5 players and have 1 FT, you start the week 20 points down on your league table).

Rule of thumb: every new player you bring in should at least bring you 4 points immediately, otherwise don’t make the transfer.

Frankly, why didn’t they should just call it a HGW – Half Gameweek (opposite of what is a Double Gameweek)…

All the best folks. Happy noobing!


Game Week 10 Preview (2015/2016)

Hello noobs! With the flurry of goals the past GW and the complications of a MGW, we would say, it has been a relatively kind week so far. Perpetual points-getters like Kevin De Bruyne, Mesut Özil continued their terrific form, while 19 year old handball magician Anthony Martial relieved his 29.6% owners’ worries, by scoring for their respective clubs. Crucially, the trend of players playing unimportant matches and getting freak injuries discontinued as most of the popular players escaped unscathed, although there were worrying signs that Alexis Sanchez may be rested.

With big games looming, this is expected to be a tensed and unpredictable GW. Keeping the shorter long-term (upcoming ~3 GWs) in mind, here is our list of weekly recommendations:


Captain choices: Vardy, Ozil, Coutinho, Berahino, Wijnaldum, Eriksen, Payet

That’s all folks! Happy noobing!!

Game Week 9 Preview (2015/2016)

It’s finally here boys and girls! FPL is back after a 2 week long eternity of a wait, and so much has changed since Aguero banged in 5 against Newcastle. Aguero for one, has banged himself up pretty badly since then, and joining him on the list of international casualties are the likes of David Silva, Danny Ings, and Joe Gomez.

A number of other players such as Kolarov, Rooney, and Sanchez remain at risk for ample playtime, and as your team fills up with yellow, orange, and red stickers, you realize you should have waited till the end of the break before making transfers. This is a generally good practice, because football players get injured all the time, and you want to be sure they’re fit on friday, before hoping they play on saturday.

Now if you read our post last week, you should also have been smart enough to save your transfer just before the break, to give you more options to deal with injuries before week 9. Selling Aguero or Silva will give you more money than you know what to do with, and a second FT always comes in handy at times like these. Especially when the injuries pile up.

Now many of you, being noobs, probably forgot to make a transfer last week unintentionally, so please use our handy transfer guide to make at least one transfer this week.

This is also not the worst time to take a hit. If you dont have 11 players (or 7 attackers) who are guaranteed 60 minutes of play time each, it might not be a terrible idea to drop 4-8 points, in order to get bigger gains over the next few weeks. The following players have been recommended, as usual, keeping the next 3 weeks in mind.

FPL4Noobs GW9.001

Captain choices : Sanchez, De Bruyne, Pelle, Vardy


Game Week 8 Preview (2015/2016)

It’s that time of the week again boys and girls! And this time, you need to savor every last drop of it. Another international break awaits us on the other end of this game week, so get your fill of points before going cold turkey for two whole weeks. 

Lots of juicy fixtures this GW, which leads one to expect either lots of goals or lots of clean sheets. In both cases, we’ve got you covered with our weekly transfer recommendations. 

If your team is looking healthy at the moment you can also consider saving your transfer so that you’ll have 2 available once we return from the break. Think about it. 

Captain choices : Aguero, de Bruyne, Sakho, Vardy, Payet

Who to take out? Plenty of players in the red and yellow zones should make for ideal transfer (out) targets. 

Good Luck!

Game Week 7 Preview (15/16 Season)

As midweek games increase in frequency for all clubs, so will injuries, suspensions, and rotations for our favorite FPL players. So if your team’s piling up with players who are doubtful to start this weekend, we’ve got you covered yet again.

Here’s our pick for 3 players in each position, that look like good buys for next few weeks.

Captain Recommendations – Aguero, Martial, Mata, Vardy

Known rotation hazards – Targett, Yoshida, Cedric, Nasri, Navas, Gomez. These should be the next batch of players to remove from your squad, as they are no longer guaranteed 60-90 minutes ever weekend.

Game Week 6 Preview (15/16 Season)

Perhaps the international break caused some momentum break in players you own and you’re wondering what to do next. Here are some recommendations we have for the upcoming game week! We hope it will help you to squeeze through the mid-table crowd or the slums down under, for the fresh air up at the top of your mini-league.

As usual, we have 3 suggestions per position, in 3 different price brackets, along with potential candidates for removal from your team.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

FPL4Noobs GW6.001

Game Week 5 Preview (15/16 Season)


The first International Break is finally over. For those of you new to the game, this is the real test. There are only two types of people at this stage – those who’ve all-but-forgotten how to spell FLP after two weeks of non-action, and those who’ve somehow managed to make their way through 13 days of premier league withdrawal – itching, burning, and aching for just one more shot at an epic fantasy weekend only to have their hopes and aspirations pissed on yet again by unknown goalscorers and shockingly disappointing superstars.

So whether you’re looking to get back into the game after a break that felt as long as the season itself, or just in the mood for another ride on the cycle of dreams, despair, and self-loathing, FPL4Noobs has got your back for your last minute transfer advice.

As usual, we have 3 suggestions per position, in 3 different price brackets, along with potential candidates for removal from your team.


Go-mis or Go Home. Swansea’s lone striker is in top form.

Captain recommendations: Aguero, Gomis, Kane, Hazard, Wilson.

And if you think you’re ready to use your chips because that’s exactly the opposite of what we recommend, read this article again.