Gameweek 20 Preview (2015/2016)

FPL4Noobs GW20.001

A new year, a new beginning.

We certainly hope it begins this way for you as, we welcome the first game week of 2016. Here’s our delightful selection to the start to the 2nd half of the FPL season.

Happy noobing!


Captaincy: Your Weekly Lifeline


Will you be the next Uncle Sam/Aunty Dolly to find your Captain America to save your team?

It’s been 6 weeks since FPL started. How many times have you gotten your captain right? How do you even get it right in the first place? Some liken this choice to a game of lottery. Essentially it is, but given that there are a lot less combination than the lottery world, you can make a smart gamble. We offer you 3 ‘F’s to help make life a whole lot easier for you.


In a game week, there are 10 fixtures. From there, you can identify potential games that would swing to one side. Let’s have an example here: Team AA vs Team GG.

  • Team AA has been performing well for the past few weeks. They do especially well when they are playing at Home.
  • Team GG had a pretty bad spell, and they have not kept a clean sheet so far.
  • Player FTW is currently the lead goal scorer for the team, and has clocked in bonus points.

Based on the conditions above, it will be a safe call to choose Player FTW of Team AA as your captain.

Hot pick for the upcoming game week 7: Manchester United vs Sunderland

Form (with Class)


9 minutes. The amount of time you take to shower daily is what Lewandowski needs to score 5 goals in Bundesliga against Wolfsburg. As a substitute. Yep. Life’s like that.

You never quite know who’s next to hit the back of the net or chalk up points while defending. Well if it is ever predictable, nobody would watch football and FPL would be never have been created.

Usually, we observe a player who has performed well over 2 – 3 weeks period. Form is after all temporary but class is permanent. We want to choose players who are able to perform on a weekly basis. So players who perform well in a freak week should not be your reason to hop on the bandwagon immediately. Observe for a spell of 2 weeks, and if possible watch how he plays. Looking at statistics and watching an actual game are two very different ways to find your next captain.

Hot pick for the upcoming game week 7: Anthony Martial of Manchester United



Diego probably misunderstood the meaning of chest bump. Costa total of 3 match ban.

We live in a free world. While rules help us to live within boundaries for civility, every once in a while you may just wish to experience that once-in-a-lifetime moment. FPL offers just that moment, where you can simply just make a choice based on looks/names/colour of jersey that suits your personal preference. No one’s going to judge you for that, because magic happens and you may be the next guru that noobers will bow to for that out of the world but correct choice.

So fellow noobers, another game week to lose sleep and appetite over the captain of your choice. Remember, keep your choice a secret until 18:45 of 26 September.


Game Week 6 Preview (15/16 Season)

Perhaps the international break caused some momentum break in players you own and you’re wondering what to do next. Here are some recommendations we have for the upcoming game week! We hope it will help you to squeeze through the mid-table crowd or the slums down under, for the fresh air up at the top of your mini-league.

As usual, we have 3 suggestions per position, in 3 different price brackets, along with potential candidates for removal from your team.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

FPL4Noobs GW6.001

Game Week 2 Preview (15/16 Season)

After an intense debate within the Noobs, we present to you our selections for game week 2!

Budget is now officially a b*tch but it ain’t stopping us. We have identified three transfer targets for every playing position. For each position, you will find our recommendations with three different values (Premium, Economy & Bargain). We are pretty sure it will suit your shopping needs.

Unsure who to take out from your fantasy team? If you have players under our “Out List”, they are the ones to boot out! We want you to have players who are clocking playing time on the field, not sitting on the bench.

Happy Noobing!