The FPL Christmas Period

Hello noobs! First and foremost…

merry christmas

Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately, in the FPL world, Christmas can be a little less joyous and a time for real concern. Especially more so if you are fighting to stay Number 1, this can be a less enjoyable period for you. So, what’s up with this?

3 Games in 9 Days

Because the footballing gods in England decree that all Englishmen shall watch soccer as a post-feasting activity as well as cheer, sing and jump their winter fats off, all teams will have to play on Boxing Day.

you didn't really expect that boxing day was about people fighting, did you?

You didn’t really expect that boxing day was about fighting other people, did you?

You know, you don’t have to really go google Boxing Day, it’s ok. Anyway, all but 4 teams play their second game 2 days later. That’s 180+ minutes of footballing action in <52.5 hours. Quite madness. Which brings us to another point…

Not Double Gameweeks

Yep, we said it here first. The next 3 games are not Double Gameweeks (DGWs)! What does this mean for me?

Firstly, it means that any chip that you play will not be effective in more than that gameweek you play it in. So even though Stoke visits Man Utd on Boxing Day and less than 48 hours later hosts Everton, your triple captain chip on Arnautovic will only be valid for the Man Utd game, and not anymore.

Secondly, well, it just means YOU, like any paid football player, have to play 3 times in 9 games!

You deserve it. We all do.

You deserve it. We all do.

Just remember, log in, make your transfer, pick your team, pick your captain and confirm before the following times:

26 Dec 7:45 pm
28 Dec 10:00 pm
2 Jan 7:45 pm

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

We have covered this before here, but more than that, we are sure you guys experienced it recently first-hand in GW16, when both Kolarov and De Bruyne were rotated. These are the players whom we think may potentially take turns to line up for their teams:

Walcott – Chamberlain – Campbell (Arsenal)
Willian – Pedro – Oscar – Hazard (Chelsea)
Kone – Mirallas – Deulofeu (Everton)
Okazaki – Ulloa (Leicester)
Firminho – Lallana – Ibe (Liverpool)
Can – Lucas – Henderson (Liverpool)
Kolarov – Clichy (Man City)
Sagna – Zabaleta (Man City)
Fernando – Fernandinho – Delph (Man City)
Sterling – De Bruyne – Navas (Man City)
Tadic – Ward-Prowse (Southampton)
Pelle – Long (Southampton)
Alli – Mason (Spurs)
Chadli – Son (Spurs)

Just saying…you might want to think twice about bringing in these players.

That’s all folks! Happy holidays!


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