Gameweek 1 – Picking your first team!

The League starts this weekend (Aug 8), and this is your last chance to make as many changes as you want. You may have a decent lineup using “Auto-complete”, but if you’re looking to make your team slightly more competitive, we’re here to give you some last minute advice.

If you’ve never made transfers before, please watch this 5 minute video that shows you how to use the FPL site.

Now if you’re looking for whom to pick for your first team, there’s 3 ways to do this

1. Auto-complete – Safe, but not very efficient. Won’t give you good value players, and you’ll have too many expensive players sitting on your bench. What you want ideally is Expensive on the field, and Cheap on the bench.

2. Use this guide we created, that will let you create a solid team for 3 Defenders, 4 Mids, and 3 Forwards. Your starter options are on the left, and your bench options are on the right.


3. Check out these template teams we’ve created and use them for inspiration to create your own team, mixing and matching the players you like from this bunch.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.33.12 am Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.34.05 am Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.34.48 am Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.31.12 am

REMEMBER to always MAKE and CONFIRM your transfers when you’re done, and then go to PICK TEAM to set your LINEUP and choose your CAPTAIN.

Good luck for Gameweek 1! Remember, FPL is a huge game of luck, and anything can happen. There are no guarantees, but just good strategies that have better chances of success!

Stay tuned for more.


Getting Started

Welcome to FPL4Noobs – a site dedicated to helping first timers and casual players of Fantasy Premier League. Please check out the following steps/articles to make sure you’re ready for the start of the season!

1. Need help registering your team? Click Here!

2. Need to understand the basics of the game in 2 minutes? Click Here!

3. Need advice on how to pick your first team before the season begins? Click Here!

Come back every week for the latest advice on how to improve your team before the next transfer deadline!

Remember, the season starts on August 8, so make sure you’re ready by then!

Registering Your Team

If you’re new to Fantasy Premier League, here’s how to create your team in 12 EASY Steps (and 6 minutes)

1. Go to

2. Click Login/Register at the top right corner

3. Click Register on the Login page

4. Fill in your details, click NEXT

5. Skip thru the next 4 pages, no need to check any boxes

6. Confirm your account and agree to the T&C (check the box)

7. Go to your email, open the mail from FPL, and click the link to activate your account

8. Login with your email ID and Password




12. Enter a Team Name (you can change any time) and agree to the T&C again (check the box), and click ENTER YOUR TEAM

Hurray, you’re done with registration and your team is ready! You are now part of the game!

Hang tight for our next post which will tell you how to make changes before the Aug 8 deadline, and other basics of playing the game. It’s SUPER EASY. You already have a valid team~!

If you want to join the Chuckies league, contact Abhi, Isaac or Honghui

Stay Tuned!