Gameweek 30 (2015/2016)

Hello noobs. It’s been a while.

We decided this week is great timing for some NOob-adVICE. Just look at what is being lined up:

12 Mar 20:45 Norwich Norwich vs Man City Man City
12 Mar 23:00 Bournemouth Bournemouth vs Swansea Swansea
12 Mar 23:00 Stoke Stoke vs Southampton Southampton
14 Mar 00:00 Aston Villa Aston Villa vs Spurs Spurs
14 Mar 04:00 Leicester Leicester vs Newcastle Newcastle

Unfortunately, all your reliable Ozils, Lukakus, Bellerins and Ighaloes will not give you any points this week.

If you planned for this week in advance and have a fighting fit line up on Saturday, congratulations! This is probably the week you leapfrog those folks you have been chasing and keeping pace with.

If you didn’t do prior planning and have half your team without fixtures…


Probably more than half the world are in the same situation as you. Don’t worry excessively. Don’t go into the week thinking you need to have a full 11 playing players on the pitch – that is not what this game is about. Don’t make more transfers than you need. Reminder: every additional transfer from your FT will cost you -4 points (so if you change 5 players and have 1 FT, you start the week 20 points down on your league table).

Rule of thumb: every new player you bring in should at least bring you 4 points immediately, otherwise don’t make the transfer.

Frankly, why didn’t they should just call it a HGW – Half Gameweek (opposite of what is a Double Gameweek)…

All the best folks. Happy noobing!


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